What powers this blog

Through my journey of blogging on and off for some years now, I've tried several static site generators to power my blog. From Jekyll to Hugo and Pelican. All of them for one reason or another have been unsatisfying (mostly because of bloat and a lot of features which I don't really need).

So I did what every normal person would do in these cases. I decided to roll with my own solution. My initial plan was to run everythin on Pandoc and bash scripts, but that proved to be a bit too simple feature-wise, so what I ended up with was my own static site generator called Aretes. It's written in Haskell and relies on Pandoc to compile my Markdown files into HTML. Writing a static site generator is a rite of passage for a lot of programmers, so I assume this is mine. Hopefully it will be enough and my last stop in my long road of finding a decent blogging platform so I can focus more on writing than spending time comparing features of different blog platforms.