Emacs static site generators

Since I came back to Emacs, I've been using org-mode daily to organize my TODOs, agenda, and notes. In fact, org-mode was one of the reasons I came back to Emacs. As my writing is deeply coupled with my research process which is done in part using org-roam, it would make sense, in my opinion, to connect the writing and publishing process to it and be able to do everything inside Emacs, in true emacsian fashion.

Preferrably the writing would be done in org-mode and the process would be a simple and automated one that would take me from an org-mode file to a blog post. Ideally, the entire blog would be a series of interconnected org files.



  • Can be generated with a single Emacs command

  • Can be modified with Elisp and CSS

  • HTML templates are plain Elisp data

  • No config file

  • No external dependencies


  • Everything is contained in one single org file


Installation is pretty easy, you can install it from MELPA with package-install


Generating a blank project is pretty easy as well, you can run one-default-new-project inside a folder and it will generate a new project for you with some sane defaults.

After you generate the project, you can simply run one-build to generate the site under a folder called ./public/.

Org Publish


  • Built into org-mode

  • No additional dependencies

  • Highly configurable

  • Can be configured to export to various formats, not just HTML (e.g. PDF, Markdown, etc)


  • Needs some work to get up and running